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What is Zen coaching?

Coaching is the art of supporting people in discovering for themselves their own inner resources and answers to their own questions. This is done mainly through deep, respectful listening and powerful questions.Zen is presence, awareness, mindfulness, relaxed alertness, true nature; living deeply connected with life´s essence as it unfolds and manifests in surprising and creative ways from moment to moment.

The main purpose of Zen Coaching is to support us in recognizing our own nature as awareness, and all the essential qualities of awareness, such as freedom, love, strenght, creativity and spaciousness. Through this recognition we become less identified with mental positions and negative judgments of ourselves and others, and more free to live in strength, peace and positive contribution to ourselves and others.

Practical benefits include living life more according to our heart´s calling; living more of our true potential, with greater confidence, creativity, effectiveness and ease; clearer and more inspiring communication and leadership abilities, and much more.

 Zen Coaching is also a process and a set of principles for how to support others in coming home to themselves and to grow as human beings.
 The ‘goal’ of Zen Coaching is achievable right here, right now – simply by noticing, allowing and fully experience our experience in this moment. There is no need to wait, no need to seek fulfillment in the future. Fulfillment, ease and wisdom is the essence of whatever experience we are having right here, right now.

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