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The Healing of memories process that I use is simply called Inner Healing. It is a gentle yet powerful process of healing past trauma through using the power of the imagination to work with areas of the sub-conscious that are beyond the cognitive.

Every experience we have is stored in our subconscious. The images are there and the interpretation that we have given to those images as to whether they are safe or harmful. These beliefs and opinions about what happens to us cannot be dealt with on the cognitive level. Talk therapy and logic/reason cannot heal them. It is only when we work with the same level that they were created and continue to live out which is the sub-conscious, they will continue to dominate our experiences of reality.

In this form of healing, I use the creative power of our God-given imagination. I call it working in the imaginal realm. All true healing takes place on this level. Working in this powerful imaginal realm (the power of your imagination to access your subconscious) we call upon the Presence of what is called a Trusted Source.  Together with the Trusted Source  I will guide you into a safe inner space where you will be able to work with the traumatic memories in a safe space.  My personal Trusted Source is Jesus, but you can use any Trusted Source that you are comfortable with including your guides or angels or teachers. Once we have recalled the scenario in which the traumatic event occurred, the Trusted Source guides us how to move forward. In most cases the trusted source enters the actual scene and changes it in some way of other. In other words the old memory gets expanded to include a form of resolve and it loses its power over us.

Prayer power

There are many different ways of dealing with deep emotional (and physical) trauma. Some people disassociate parts of themselves, others trivialise it, others use substances to numb or escape from the memories. Anything that happens to us that we label as harmful or abusive becomes too much for us to cope with, especially if these events happen when we are young. It is what we tell ourselves about these events perhaps more so than the actual events themselves, that stay with us and continue to play out over and over again. The trauma can be physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, physical pain, or any emotional pain that we can’t cope with at that moment. A situation does not necessarily need to be abusive in itself because as I said, it is what we tell ourselves about that situation that will affect us. For instance we may be a witness to something happening to another person that traumatises us rather than something that happened directly to us.

Inner healing gets to the deepest root of the memory-pain from the trauma and gets it healed permanently. Until you do this vital work, you are likely to remain in an exhausting and unfulfilled life.

Characteristics and Effects of Soul Wounds (Disassociation)
Just a few characteristics and effects of soul wounds are: Depression, Emotional Overreaction, Lost Time, Voices, Self-Harm (cutting), Suicidal Thoughts or Attempts, Emotional Shutdown, Fear, Anxiety, etc.

Find new freedom and movement in daily living by healing these parts of yourself.

Contact me to learn more.


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