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The Healing of memories process that I use is simply called Inner Healing. It is a gentle yet powerful process of healing past trauma through using the power of the imaginal real in tandem with the chosen ‘Trusted Source’ of the client. A ‘Trusted Source’ can be a religious or spiritual figure like Jesus, Buddha or Moses, or it can be a Guardian Angel or other person with whom the client feels unconditionally accepted and safe.

Every experience we have is stored in our subconscious and unless and until we decide to heal those memories, they tend to wreak havoc with our lives. Using the imaginal realm (the power of your imagination to access your subconscious) the Presence of a Trusted Source and prayer, I will guide you into a safe inner space where you will call upon your Trusted Source. My personal Trusted Source is Jesus Christ, but you are welcome to invite any Trusted Source that you are comfortable with including your guides or master-teachers.The Trusted Source will then enter the scene of the trauma and miraculously alter it so that your experience will be expanded in the best way possible.

Prayer power

There are different ways of dealing with deep emotional (and physical) trauma. Some people disassociate, others trivialise. Yet another way is to stuff it down with food, alcochol or other numbing substances or activities. Any situation that were caused by trauma or abuse that is too much for us to cope with, results in some form of disconnection from our true self. The trauma can be physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, physical pain, or any emotional pain that we can’t cope with at that moment.

There are many names that the psychiatric community has for these wounds: Bipolar, Manic-Depressive, DID (Dissociative Identity disorder), Alternate Personalities, MPD(Multiple Personality Disorder), PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Inner healing gets to the deepest root of the pain from the trauma and gets it healed permanently. Until you do this vital work, you are likely to remain in an exhausting and unfulfilled life.

Characteristics and Effects of Soul Wounds (Disassociation)
Just a few characteristics and effects of soul wounds are: Depression, Emotional Overreaction, Lost Time, Voices, Self-Harm (cutting), Suicidal Thoughts or Attempts, Emotional Shutdown.

Find new freedom and movement in daily living.

This process can work in tandem with the Belief Recreation process, or as a stand-alone.

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