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How to Let Go!

How to Let Go!

A profoundly moving retreat experience that improves your quality of life in the here and now,
by helping you deal with the pain of loss, endings and/or death.

Loss is an integral part of life. Yet we are never taught how to really let go. Those of us who are ‘Westerners’ have been acculturated to favour Beginning rather than Ending. We aggrandize Getting rather than Losing, so when we are faced with loss and letting go which can amount to more than half of our lives, we flounder!

Yet, if you think about it, everything ends! Whether it is a relationship, a career or a simple outing, it will end! The more loss we experience the more we become stuck in fear which stems from our ultimate fear which is the FEAR of Death.

In this retreat we will learn how to let go not only OF something or someone, but how to let go INTO something else. Through a journey of guided meditations, releasing experiences, rituals, movement and even dance, we will experience letting go in a whole new way. We will lose our fear of it! In a way, this retreat is like a Re-Boot of your Life!

A lack of skill and willingness to flow with the natural cycles of life keeps us small and sick. The more loss we experience, the more fear we stuff down into our bodies and emotions and the less willing we are to move forward. Even in times where there is no loss, can can sometimes live in that stressful undercurrent of concern about the future and the losses we must incur. Some of us resist forming any type of relationships due to this terrifying fear that we will somehow lose the beloved and be left alone and abandoned. And this loss applies not only to personal relationships, but relationships with pets, with groups, careers, communities, churches and even the loss of a way of life due to illness, aging and/or death.

All of this holding on prevents us from living fully in the present. The present is the only time we have – to heal, to love and to live. Life only ever happens in the here and now and how much of it do we spend stuck in yesterday or projecting yesterday’s losses onto tomorrow’s gains?!

At the root of all fear is our fear of life’s greatest let-go, our own death. Every goodbye that hurts, every let-go that we can’t accept,
Shows us this fear.

And yet death can teach us how to live and live happily.

Who Should Attend this Workshop?

Anyone who:

  • Cannot move forward in their life due to loss;
  • Feels stuck in some way;
  • Has the awareness that they need to let go of something;
  • Is facing death themselves;
  • Has a loved one who is facing death;
  • Has lost a job;
  • Has lost a pet;
  • Has lost a loved one;
  • Has lost a way of life (due to age or illness or whatever);
  • Who wants to live a fuller, richer life;
  • Cannot stop living in the past;
  • Is in fear of the future;
  • Wants time out of a busy life to reflect, reboot and renew;
  • Just wants to live a fuller and deeper life without the Fear.
The workshop is a live-in retreat. Essentially it is like a 2.5 day Journey that will take you through various experiences with regard to loss, letting go and grieving. Although it is done in a group, it is an intensely personal experience. From letting go of deceased loved ones, past relationships, to the loss of a pet, a job, to children leaving home and any other attachments we have to worldly stuff, to the greatest let go of all, death.

Even if we have not actually lost somebody precious, we very often live in fear of impending loss. This too can keep us trapped.

We will explore all of these in an atmosphere of sacred nourishment, safety and healing.

At the core of this workshop is finding your own authentic power,
ease and flow, and an increased expandedness and freedom.

If We can’t Let Go into our Sadness and Fear,
then we can’t let go into our Ecstasy and Joy either!

After the letting go comes a vibrant initiation into the here and now! A new flow to your life with more lightness, playfulness, wisdom and aliveness. You will feel more alive, more real, more lightness of being and you will notice how things start falling into place. The reason for this is that you will be in alignment with the Sacred Source space of yourself that is the natural essence of all of us when we have cleared our blocks.

Read what others have said about the workshop!

This is one of THE most powerful workshops I have ever attended (and I’ve attended many). And I would most definitely recommend it to others. Never have I experienced a workshop so full of meaningful and indeed sacred rituals. Every activity had meaning/ purpose and came in just the right time/space sequence. The many different and creative exercises/ activities ultimately led to a peak experience – a meditation/ visualisation of true transcendent and transformative value . The spiritual dimension of this workshop is particularly powerful and is what ultimately brings the healing/surrendering/ peace/ joy/ belonging etc., in response to all the ‘letting go’ work that is done.
-Eve Layton, St Luke’s Hospice, Cape Town

“I’ve found this workshop intensely un-settling, in the most positive way – it catapulted me into realising the intensity of the ties that bind us, and blind us. Only by letting go can we truly breathe, and stop our compulsive tendencies.”
– Philip de Villiers, Musician,Creativity/Songwriting Workshop Facilitator,
Cape Town, SouthAfrica

“This workshop is for anyone who is interested in death as more than a theoretical concept. It helps you to prepare to face your death in a very positive way”.
-Judy Middup, Cape Town, South Africa

What to

This is an experiential retreat. It is not a platform for intellectual debate and or philosophical theory and discussion about the topic; rather it is a journey that slowly opens the heart to healing and moving on. It is a safe space for honouring and releasing that which we have lost, and an allowing of Life to enter the parts of us that have become obstructed and shut down through pain, fear and loss.

In a completely safe and potent surround, you will be invited to explore the areas that keep you locked into fear patterns and release them; you will also learn to trust the mystery of the unknown, and let go into it. Some processes used are guided meditations, ecstatic dance, journal work, collage, deep contemplation, noble silence and solo time in nature.

About the Facilitator

Charmaine Treherne is a skilled and insighful facilitator. She has  a life-long involvement with transformation, personal growth and healing which has ranged from self-healing to healing of the planet.  Her motto is the Rumi saying below:

Charmaine believes that each of us incarnates with a set of patterns – physical, emotional, mental or spiritual – to work with and transmute which creates a ripple effect for the whole of humanity. Doing this individual inner healing work is how we evolve as a species. Much of this inner work then, involves letting go, not only of events and people,but also though patterning that keeps us stuck in the past. Charmaine has a highly developed sense of intuition and this combined with her vast toolkit of transformative technologies makes for a powerful and effective experience.

For More Information and Bookings, contact:

Charmaine Treherne

Cell: +27-(0)72-450-8229

For more details about Charmaine and her work, click here.

This retreat will most certainly transform your relationship with endings and death. It’s greatest blessing however, is the effect it is likely to have on the way you live your daily life.

Contact me for prices, dates and venue.





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