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The Ultimate Experience

How to Let Go and Live Fully in the Present Moment!

A 3-day retreat experience where we systematically let go of every aspect of our lives
until we are left with nothing but our own True Nature of

Loss is an integral part of life and too often perhaps, we spend our lives mourning the loss of a person, a job or even our youth. We are just never taught how to handle the strong emotions that come with losing someone or something that we love.

Add to that the Western philosophy that favours ‘beginnings’ rather than ‘endings’, and ‘getting’ rather than ‘losing’. So when we are faced with loss and letting go which pretty much happens all the time in many different ways, we come undone! Because if you think about it, everything ends! Whether it is a relationship, a book, a holiday, career or just a simple outing, it will end! The more loss we experience the more we can become stuck in the very natural fear response of losing that which we love. This fear triggers deep inside of us the ultimate fear which is the fear of our own death. In the Essential Experience we will also face that fear. Sometimes even when things are going great in our relationships we have that silent, nagging sensation inside of us that ‘this too shall pass’.

In The Essential Experience retreat, you will get a perspective on life in a totally new way! Some of the benefits from The Essential Experience include:

  • It opens us to a new ways of being in relationships both to the people in our lives as well as to our career, hobbies and experiences;
  • Life has more meaning and we find we are easier with the ups and downs and don’t sweat the small stuff as much;
  • A deeper appreciation of the cyclic nature of our experience in this world including our bodies and the natural world around us so we have more ease with the life-death-life cycles;
  • Blessing and release of past relationships/projects/experiences thereby bringing closure;
  • A natural releasing of any fear patterns that we have accumulated over our lifetime and maybe even past lifetimes that have kept us stuck in smallness and anxiety;
  • We emerge from the experience able to live more fully in the reality of our lives and if we do make changes they are able to be made quickly and with ease;
  • A deeper sense of Purpose and Direction; and a certain
  • A lightness of Being

Through a journey of guided meditations, releasing experiences, rituals, movement and even dance, we will experience letting go in a whole new way. We will lose our fear of it! In a way, this retreat is like a Re-Boot of your Life!

Holding on to the past prevents us from living fully in the present. The present is the only time we have – to heal, to love and to live. Life only ever happens in the here and now and how much of it do we spend stuck in yesterday or projecting yesterday’s losses onto tomorrow’s gains?!

At the root of all fear is our fear of life’s greatest let-go, our own death. Every goodbye that hurts, every let-go that we can’t accept,
triggers in us this fear.

Who Should Attend this Workshop?

Anyone who:

  • Cannot move forward in their life due to loss;
  • Feels stuck in some way;
  • Has the awareness that they need to let go of something;
  • Is facing death either themselves or someone they love;
  • Has lost a job;
  • Has lost a pet;
  • Has lost a loved one;
  • Has lost a way of life (due to age or illness or whatever);
  • Who just wants to live a fuller, richer, more meaningful life;
  • Cannot stop living in the past;
  • Is in fear of the future;
  • Wants time out of a busy life to reflect, reboot and renew;
  • Seeks to improve their overall quality of life.

The workshop is a live-in retreat experience. You can regard it as a 3-day journey that will hold the space for your healing and transformation. Using various rituals activities and experiences, you go through a series of releases from that which has held you stuck and emerge into a newfound lightness of Being. The Essential Experience is done in a safe, nourishing, holding space. It is a 3-day in-house experience.
Although it is done in a group, it is an intensely personal experience.

If We can’t Let Go into our Sadness and Fear,
then we can’t let go into our Ecstasy and Joy either!

After the letting go comes a vibrant initiation into the here and now! A new flow to your life with more lightness, playfulness, wisdom and aliveness. You will feel more alive, more real, more lightness of being and you will notice how things start falling into place. The reason for this is that you will be in alignment with the Essence or Source part of yourself that is the natural essence of all of us when we have cleared our blocks.


Read what others have said about the workshop!

I can report that this is one of THE most powerful workshops I have ever attended (and I’ve attended many). And I would most definitely recommend it to others. Never have I experienced a workshop so full of meaningful and indeed sacred rituals. Every activity had meaning/ purpose and came in just the right time/space sequence. The many different and creative exercises/ activities ultimately led to a peak experience – a meditation/ visualisation of true transcendent and transformative value . The spiritual dimension of this workshop is particularly powerful and is what ultimately brings the healing/ surrendering/ peace/ joy/ belonging etc., in response to all the ‘letting go’ work that is done. …The spiritual dimension of this workshop is particularly powerful and is what ultimately brings the healing/surrendering/peace/joy/belonging etc in response to all the ‘letting go’ work that is done”.
-Eve Layton, St Luke’s Hospice, Cape Town

“I’ve found this workshop intensely un-settling, in the most positive way – it catapulted me into realising the intensity of the ties that bind us, and blind us. Only by letting go can we truly breathe, and stop our compulsive tendencies.”
– Philip de Villiers, Musician,Creativity/Songwriting Workshop Facilitator,
Cape Town, SouthAfrica

“This workshop is for anyone who is interested in death as more than a theoretical concept. It helps you to prepare to face your death in a very positive way”.
-Judy Middup, Cape Town, South Africa

What to

This is an experiential rather than intellectual experience. It is not a platform for intellectual debate and or philosophical theory and discussion about the topic; rather it is a journey that slowly opens the heart to release and healing and moving on. It is a safe space for honouring and releasing that which we have lost, and an allowing of Life to enter the parts of us that have become shut-down through pain, fear and loss.

About the Facilitator

Charmaine Treherne is a skilled and insightful facilitator. She has  a life-long involvement with transformation, personal growth and healing which has ranged from self-healing to spiritual and vibrational healing to the healing of the planet. She has a wide range of tools in her toolbox from her professional career which included training and development as well as her extensive experience with self-development and spirituality. Some of the tools Charmaine uses include, Inner Healing, Zen Coaching, Belief Clearing, Harmonizing the Inner Parts of the Psyche, Deep Ecology, NLP and Astrology.

Of all the tools that I use, I regard the ability and skill to create a ‘holding space’ for transformation my greatest. The quote below by Matt Licata speaks to the meaning and power of that relational experience.

In those moments when we are held, our nervous systems down-regulate, our minds soften, our hearts open, and we come into an ancient sort of rest. That rest that we’ve been longing for in a lifetime that always seemed just out of reach. The rest from becoming. While our true nature as open, luminous awareness is the ultimate holding environment, as tender human beings we are wired to rest within a relational matrix. To enter into this field with another – weaved of the alchemical substances of presence and of space – is one of the great mysteries of the embodied world.

While our true nature as open, luminous awareness is the ultimate holding environment, as tender human beings we are wired to rest within a relational matrix. To enter into this field with another – weaved of the alchemical substances of presence and of space – is one of the great mysteries of the embodied world.

Held by another, held within by our own hearts, or held by a star – despite the pain and confusion and hopelessness and doubt – somehow we are already held. It’s not something we must earn or deserve or frantically search for.

Held by the morning light as it comes into a room, by the song of the birds, by the imaginal world. Somehow. Already held.” – Matt Licata



For More Information and Bookings, contact:

Charmaine Treherne

Cell: +27-(0)72-450-8229

For more details about Charmaine and her work, click here.

This retreat will most certainly transform your relationship with endings and death. It’s greatest blessing however, is the effect it is likely to have on the way you live your daily life.

Contact me for prices, dates and venue.





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