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Astrology is an age-old method of discerning the affects of the cosmic forces on the lives of people. It is said that the time and place of our birth has significant meaning on how our lives pan out. In my personal experience with astrology for some thirty years now, I have found it to be, by far, the most effective tool for understanding both myself and other people. I also use the divination aspect of astrology, called ‘transits’ to determine what the current astrological influences are calling forth into the lives of humanity as a whole, and myself or a client’s life on a personal level.

In this Introduction to Astrology Course you will learn:

The Planets: The astrology chart is like a stage play. The planets are the actors, they describe the ‘who’.

Each planet fell within a particular astrological sign at the time of your birth. We are most familiar with the Sun, knowing that our Sun, for example is in Aries. But the other planets were also somewhere and each of them describes a different part of us. Jung called these parts of ourselves, archetypes. The moon for example, rules our emotional character, Mercury our mental character, Venus our social character, and so on.

The Signs: The signs of the Zodiac describe the ‘how’ – the way that the planet will act out. So for example if your Sun (main character) fell into Aries when you were born, chances are you have a pioneering, outgoing personality. If your Sun was in Pisces, you will be more reserved.

The Houses: The twelve houses in your chart describe the ‘where’. For example your Sun (Character) in Aries (how) in the 3rd house means that your character is likely to be quite mercurial in character. Taking on the nature of one who is curious, playful, appreciates and acquires knowledge, is very sociable and will play out a lot of his/her life in urban or social settings. etc. Whereas if the same Sun (Aries) were to fall in the 4th house, it would mean that the main character plays out a lot of his/her lifework in the home.

The Elements represent the nature of the sign whether it is Earth, Air, Fire or Water, and the modalities are either Cardinal (leadership, initiatiory), Fixed (fixed) or Mutuable (changeable and easily influenced).

In the Introduction to Astrology workshop you will learn the significance of :

  • The Planets
  • The Signs
  • The Houses
  • The Elements & Modalities

No previous experience is necessary.



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