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The Natal Chart

The Natal Chart

“I can’t help it. I’m an Aries. Of COURSE I have a temper.” “The Moon was in Taurus. It triggered my sweet tooth. I HAD to have dessert.” “Mars squared my ascendant, so of COURSE I got angry.

We’ve all made statements like these and, in essence, blamed the planets for our actions and the events in our lives. We look to the stars for guidance, praise them when we do well, and blame them when things don’t go the way we’d like.

Do the stars affect our lives?
Do they influence us?

If you think of life as being a stage-play, you could say the the planets are the characters in the play, the signs of the Zodiac are the character traits attributed to the characters, and the houses are the actual set or area of life the drama is played out in.So for example if the Sun which is the main character was in the sign of Aries when you were born, you will be a pioneer, leader and way-seer in a somewhat extroverted. If that same sun falls into the 5th house in your chart this means that the main character, you, will also be a leader, teacher and possibly even something of a showman. You will most certain be creative and give birth to lots of children, including projects which is what the 5th house is about.



The chart is a guide, rather than the source of your happiness or unhappiness. It becomes a reflection of your own spiritual evolution.

When you express the Truth of who you are by being your highest and best, you lift those around you and inspire THEM to be THEIR highest and best. They, in turn, inspire others, and so the Light is awakened in one person after another, spreading love, joy and peace across the face of the earth.

Be your best self Rumi


In a theatre production, the Sun would be the main character. The Sun in your chart represents your greatest power and creativity in this lifetime. Its house placement indicates that area of life in which you are free to express this power and creativity–that area of life in which your Light shines most brightly.

The ascendant is the most personal point in the chart. The sign on the ascendant gives a powerful description of you. By knowing its most positive qualities, you may use your ascendant on its highest and best level. It is like your overall temperament. The character if you like, of the ‘main character’.

The ruler of the sign on the ascendant is the “chart ruler.” It is a key planet in the horoscope because the ascendant is the most personal point in the chart. Its sign, house placement and the aspects it makes to other planets explain how you express YOU. (Refer to chapters: Planets in Houses, Planets in Signs and Aspects.)

When you believe you are intelligent, you act intelligently. When you believe you are loving, you act lovingly and attract love. When you believe you are limitless, you act limitlessly and attract success. Why not accept the truth–that you were born to be happy, to succeed and to live life abundantly? By putting your attention on the most positive manifestation of your chart you create love, joy and peace in your life. It’s your life—live it!


South African Rand: R750.00 per chart

US Dollars: $100.00 per chart

GBP: 70: Per chart

Euro: E100.00 per chart

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