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THE TRANSITS CHART or “What’s Happening Now?”

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Transits, Progressions and Returns are the names given to the cycles or movements of the planets as they are now in the heavens and what the various aspects and angles they make to your astrology chart.  So, we have the birth chart that remains constant, (it is the picture of a particular moment in time – the chart of the transits of your birth, in fact), and then the ever-moving positions of planets against that fixed placement. By watching the movements of the planets through your chart, you can see where their influences will be played out – determined by house placement, and how they will play out – depending on the sign they are in.

What  is Life calling forth from me now? Is the question that a transit chart will answer. Where are my greatest resources and strengths in this situation? What is the nature of the resistance that I might come up against in being asked to bring forth these particular traits? And, if I fully embrace what is being asked of me, does it make it easier? In my experience the answer is a big YES.

For example, I can see that the planet Mars is smack bang up against my Mercury right now. This means that I be prone to firey, sudden and even violent (Mars) outbursts, (Mercury). So knowing that, I will try to hold my tongue if I notice myself getting triggered.

There are 3 major general techniques used to forecast the future in western astrology: transits, progressions, and returns. For this chart we look at progressions and transits.

What are Transits?
Transits are perhaps the most intuitively obvious of the 3 major predictive techniques to understand.

If I want to predict what will happen today to a particular person, then compare the positions of the planets in the sky today with the positions of the planets in that person’s birth chart. The positions of the planets in the sky today are called the transiting planets. For example, if Wendy’s natal Venus is at 10 degrees of Gemini and transiting Jupiter (the position of Jupiter today) is also at 10 degrees of Gemini, then transiting Jupiter is conjunct Wendy’s natal Venus. Consequently, today is a Jupiter-Venus day for Wendy, a good day to entertain people, go to parties, and generally have a relaxing, good time.

In addition to looking at aspects formed by the transiting planets to the natal planets, you can also study the placement of the transiting planets in the houses of the birth chart. Some astrologers also compare the zodiac signs of the transiting planets to the zodiac signs of the natal planets.

Almost all astrologers use transiting planets to natal planet aspects, and the great majority of astrologers believe that transits across the angles (that is, crossing the Ascendant, Descendant, MC, or 4th house cusp) is very important.

What are Progressions?

Progressions are the name given to the process of bringing the birth chart into the present moment, so to speak. While transits measure the planets’ movements across the zodiac now and how the angles they make to the birth chart affect you, progressions, or progressed charts are a way of looking more at the inner development of the individual. The progressed aspects in your chat reveal a different view of the mystery of a human life. For instance,  the Progressed Moon will reveal your subjective or inner state that you may have inwardly grown (or “progressed”) into that is quite personal and felt deeply within you, not easily recognized in your outer life.



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