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Do you often feel at odds with yourself? One part of you wishes to do this and another part of you sabotages it and does something else?

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If you’re like most people, they’d hear a cacophony of competing perspectives and agendas. You might have an inner critic part that’s relentless in its critiques of your every move, a wounded inner child part that’s yearning for attention, a self-indulgent lazy part that doesn’t want to move your big dreams forward, and so many more.

Our inner landscapes are rarely as aligned and harmonious as the competent adult image we attempt to portray to the world — even IF we’ve done a lot of internal work and growth.

We may just assume this dissonance is part of being human and resign ourselves to the swirl of doubts, competing agendas and confusion.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Rather than ignore, reject or try to silence your conflicting inner voices in an attempt to navigate life with some semblance of peace and clarity, you can discover how to mentor your inner parts and bring them into a coherent team.

In fact, EVERY part of your psyche has a higher purpose that’s compatible with your highest vision for your life, and EVERY part has a unique role to play in the realization of that vision. The challenge is that these parts are using old strategies to fulfill their purposes; they’ve never been shown how to effectively achieve their highest goal, nor how to work together in synergy.

The Inner Parts Harmony sessions will enable you to create synergy between your inner voices — allowing you to be clearer, better aligned and more powerful.

Transform your psyche so that it’s in harmony with fulfilling your highest purpose, so you can experience true peace and bring all of who you are to the world.

When you get your internal parts aligned and working together, you activate a powerful internal wisdom council that offers complementary insights for masterfully navigating your life’s calling — whether as a healer, an entrepreneur, a teacher, a mother, a change agent, or any occupation.

When the previously discordant voices in you become unified, not only do you show up with greater wisdom, you also have more energy, enthusiasm and clarity about how to achieve your highest vision for your life.

Imagine transforming your inner world from a chaotic “mad house” of conflicting desires, thoughts and concerns to a serene, holy temple where all the parts are in unison, connected, clear and inspired.

Not only would you experience a deeper peace, the energy these parts have devoted to battling each other would instead foster greater creativity, enhanced power and expanding love.

Inner harmony between parts of your psyche thus translates into outer success in fulfilling your purpose AND in creating fulfilling relationships with others.

That’s because your dynamic with an inner part is always mirrored in the outer world. If you judge part of yourself, you’ll judge, resist or fight that same quality in other people.

That’s why inner harmonization holds essential keys for improving all your relationships. When your inner landscape is at peace, your outer world naturally becomes peaceful.

You’ll work better in teams, enjoy your love relationships more, and become a more giving and fulfilled member of your family and community.

It Can Be Easier Than You Think


The good news is that the journey of internal harmonization is not as difficult as you might think. Once you discover the principles and practices that allow you to connect with and align your internal parts, you have an invaluable skill that will last a lifetime.

This is especially vital if you aim to be a purposeful agent of change — a person who is truly manifesting your highest calling in a way that leaves a legacy of good for the world, and that simultaneously helps you and your family thrive.

All change in the world requires that you first truly change your internal landscape, because you’ll otherwise be doing “battle” with versions of your inner landscape on the outside. This is part of why change agents often burn out; they haven’t shifted their internal relationship with what they’re seeking to change in the outer world FIRST. They haven’t first sought to “be the change they wish to see in the world.”

When you discover how to let go of old beliefs and harness the highest potential in each aspect of your psyche, you become a clear, aligned and powerful agent of change who can masterfully produce real, positive transformations.

So if you aspire to be a pioneer of a new pattern of possibility, and want to rest easy in your later years knowing that you’ve made your greatest contribution, then the Inner Harmony Process is ideal for you.

As you discover how to connect with the deeper potential in each of your many parts and integrate their gifts in a way that’s aligned, purposeful and effective, you gain the power to move mountains.

When you operate from a state of inner harmony, extraordinary things align around you — the right connections and opportunities, alliances and partnerships, support and resources can come into your life. And when you strive to fulfill your purpose, opportunities to pursue your right livelihood almost magically present themselves.

Skillfully Navigating Your Inner World

Inner harmony, of course, isn’t magic. It requires real work — particularly on the limiting beliefs, fears and parts preventing you from fully enacting your highest role.

Many internal parts were created in early childhood to help you navigate challenging situations, and can be resistant to change or dialogue. Other parts may be skeptical of your positive intentions.

You need to skillfully navigate the common pitfalls and challenges of engaging in effective dialogue with your internal parts. You need methods that work and are repeatable.

And even when you take the first steps of dialoguing with and aligning your inner parts, you can run into challenges from:

  • Fear, doubt and resistance: Though part of you may be completely aligned with your inner harmonization, other parts of you may fear for your safety, your image and the validity of your purpose. These other parts can block your every move and knock the wind out of your sails.
  • Limiting beliefs: Most people have hundreds of limiting beliefs — the majority of them unconscious. These potent internal obstacles can prevent you from realizing how to create greater internal harmony, manifest your purpose or move forward consistently and successfully, year after year.

Despite all this, there’s no reason for your potential to go unrealized. These issues can all be resolved, especially with the step-by-step approach that master teacher and trainer of change agents, Tim Kelley, teaches. For the actual course, go here.

To book a one-to-one session with me, a trained Inner Parts Harmonisation Practitioner, click here.



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