Astrologer – Artist – Activist – Coach – Writer

These are workshops that I’ve created and/or formulated from that I can now offer for others who want to run them. Tell me which ones interest you and we can negotiate a great deal.

Name of Workshop Notes Manual*    About Category
The Truth of You: True Identity in a Distracted World Yes   Yes Increases spiritual expression to be able to offer mature leadership in your world. Personal Growth/
Deepening into Your Power and Place Yes   Yes Comprehensive facilitator manual included Addiction/Recovery/Relapse Prevention
Anger Management Relapse Prevention Yes   Yes Personal Growth
Shadow Dancing: Reclaiming the Repressed Parts of your Psyche Yes Various sources Spirituality/personal growth/healing
WWW: Reclaiming the Lost Parts of Ourselves Yes   Yes Women who Run with the Wolves workshop aimed at allowing the more sensitive parts of ourselves that get lost in the everyday humdrum to find a safe landing space. Women
Awakening the Heroes Within Yes   Yes Taking the journey to find your Inner Hero and returning home with your gift to transform the Kingdom Personal Growth
Leadership: What’s Your Style? Yes Some PACE is a unique and quick method for understanding your own motivations, behavior, strengths, and challenges. Its insights will help you become more aware of how you engage with others and the world around you. Get your PACE Profile in under 15 minutes – and really get to know you. Personal/Professional
Winning at Life Yes   Yes A 9-part coaching series includes 1: Finding More Joy In your Now Lesson 2. Who Are You and How Did You Get There Lesson 3. Your Automatic Navigation System Lesson 4. Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind Lesson 5. Goal Setting and Planning Lesson 6. Affirmations Lesson 7. Visualizations Lesson 8. Getting what you want – An Integrated Approach Lesson 9. Everybody Wins. Includes 9 x Audio cassettes Personal Growth
Take Control of Your Career and your Life Yes   Yes The Fairy God Mother workshop Personal
Basic Research: UCT Yes  No How to do basic Research for non-academics. Professional
Notes for Individual Practices only
Inquiry and Blessing: Handling Painful Feelings Yes An exercise for removing barriers to feelings of hurt (SEE)
Comfort Touch Yes Loving touch guidelines
False Cause How to stop blaming others
*Full Facilitator Manual provided

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