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Workshops for Communities & Eco

We live in challenging times that are painful to face, difficult to take in and confusing to live with. From an intensification of weather patterns wreaking havoc with the land to escalating war and the stripping away of human dignity and power to a value system that places the love of power before the power of Love, all of this can be overwhelming and before we know it we can go numb and lose our will to make a difference. We find ourselves asking questions like these:

  • How can we respond in a loving way that makes a difference in our world? 
  • How can we transform our fear and overwhelm into empowerment and inspiration?
  • How can we face the mess we’re in without going crazy?
  • How can we live sustainably on the Earth?

Among the many losses we face each and every day, the most serious perhaps is our loss of one another as a healthy, empowered and powerful Community.


The two main workshops that I use for community building are:

  1. The Work that Reconnects which focuses both personal and collective transformation and empowerment. On a personal level until we deal with our pain for the world we will not be able to turn it into power.
  2. Plugging the Leaks which deals with the more practical side of building a thriving and flourishing financial community, including such workshops as basic economic literacy which teaches communities how to keep money in the community instead of ‘leaking out’ into the hands of multi-nationals.

The Work that Reconnects, as formulated by Dr. Joanna Macy, is a series of community-based experiences aimed at re-building faith in one another as an empowering community. When we come together to support and hold the space for one another – especially to allow the emotional pain and suffering that many of us experience all the time as sensitive beings, something magickal happens. We heal.  Using the power of a community to heal and inspire the individual, these rituals and exercises bring about deep healing and empowerment for all.

Healthy Social Life Steiner



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