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Charmaine Treherne Professional Bio

My early career background saw me active in an organisation called the Urban Foundation where I helped set up offices whose sole aim was to ‘improve the quality of life of Black people in South Africa’ in Port Elizabeth in 1976. Subsequent career moves saw me as Girl Friday/Secretary/Office manager from which I gained invaluable skills and experience in resource management, customer service, public  relations and solid administration work.

My midlife career saw me working for a management training consultancy which afforded me a wide ambit of skills around training and development. Other areas that I’ve worked in include the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business where I was Senior Recruiter and was commended for my exceptional  skills of admin and customer service.

I then moved to the USA for four years where I met Deep Ecologist, Dr. Joanna Macy who changed the course of my life.  I had always been interested in making a positive difference in the world and from Joanna Macy I learned not only how to do that in a tangible way through workshops, but I learned how to be a powerful woman of integrity and action.

Returning to South Africa in 2002 I threw myself into the world of activism head-on. Firstly I worked for the S.A. New Economics Network (SANE) as National Coordinator where I learned about economics both sustainable and non-sustainable and global issues such as capitalism and global trade rules. I also had the privilege of meeting other powerful women activists at the WSSD in 2002 such as Vandana Shiva and Helena Norberg Hodge. I also met many strong local activists and attended the ILRIG School of Globalization which in itself was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life.

I then spent six years with the SA Freeze Alliance on Genetic Engineering (SAFeAGE) as National Coordinator where I managed the successful campaign to bring awareness of the dangers of GMOs to public knowledge and have a law passed to label them. During my time there I added many skills to my portfolio such as fund-raising, advocacy, lobbying, outreach, networking and public speaking. I was also responsible for developing and managing campaigns.


Charmaine Treherne Personal Bio

Parallel to my work life I have always been involved with personal growth in one way or another. From reading to attending workshops I have always regarded as doing my internal ‘clearing work’ as being central to my quality of life on this planet.

From a young age, Charmaine Treherne asked the big questions, like who am I, and why am I here? This inner drive for answers fueled by the belief that ‘another world is possible’; lead Charmaine on a forty year journey through many diverse terrains of spirituality, religion, activism, and self-development work. Charmaine’s authentic drive and passion to ‘Be the change’ she wants to see in the world is grounded with depth, tenacity and practicality. It finds expression in areas such as running the successful GMO labelling campaign and workshops like The Work that Reconnects.

Charmaine is currently a Zen Coach, writer, artist, and workshop developer and facilitator. Her workshops include a wide range of genres, from personal growth to community building, to spirituality and women’s issues.

“Whichever modality or tool that I decide to use in my work, there is one commonality and that is that I will create what is called a holding space‘ for healing to occur. This is an extraordinarily powerful thing, and best described by what Matt Licata, contemporary author/teacher calls ‘a luminous awareness’ which is found in a ‘relational matrix’. That alone changes things.”

I have also had a life-long interest in spirituality with Tibetan Buddhism having been my first religion of choice.  I then went on to explore Theosophy, Christianity and Spiritualism and spent some 15 years with an organisation called The Emissaries of Divine Light who were a spiritual group that focused on living in community and doing one’s inner clearing work. EDL were made worthy mention of by contemporary writer and teacher Neale Donald Walsch as a community who demonstrated right living in his book, Conversations With God.

Over the years I have developed and run many workshops ranging from women’s work to deep ecology to art, writing and learning how to be Present in the moment. You can find a list of my workshops here.

See My Linked-In Profile Here.

Workshops :

Personal Growth

  1.  Women who Run with the Wolves. A number of workshops focusing on different aspects of a woman’s journey as told in the book.
  2. The Heroine’s Journey which is a workshop for women as they go through the various stages in their lives from teenager to crone.
  3.  Relaxing into Grace, which is about learning to find peace and ease in your life exactly as it is;
  4. Learning how to move forward after loss or endings in a highly acclaimed workshop called The Ultimate Experience: How to Let Go, and many others.
  5. On-line workshop: ‘Self Love for Dummies‘,
  6. On-line workshop: Money and Me;
  7. Creative workshops like Eat, Pray and Write or Eat, Pray and Draw.

Community Building

  1. Active Hope: Doing rhe Work that Reconnects which is about harvesting our emotional pain for the world and turning it into power, and
  2. Plugging the Leaks which is an economic literacy workshop.


Websites built by Charmaine:

She also develops and runs a number of other projects for which she created her own websites, which include:

Active Hope/Deep Ecology SA a website on the powerful community building tool, the Work that Reconnects;
Make a Difference media a site of Charmaine’s extensive DVD library;
Families of Addicts a resource portal for addiction recovery;
Codependent to Co-Creator, a website on co-dependency and its relationship to addiction;
Sixty-in-the-City, a site for conscious aging;

GMO Action Site a place where you can do something about stopping the GMO onslaught
A Bountiful Orchard: This is the site of my writing and art.
Chars Shuttle: A little site for day trips and airport shuttle service that I offered.
My Personal Blog It is here that I share my on-going journey with overcoming and transforming life in this world as I experience it. None of the entries here are opinion pieces, but rather personal experiences.
Praying Activist:
This is a site where I share information about a recent ‘download’ of information from Spirit regarding the Court Rooms of Heaven, Seeing in the Spirit, Emotional Healing, etc.

Charmaine’s activism is largely consciousness-based now, but does include active engagement in areas such as animal rights, clean energy, conscious media, food sovereignty and inter-personal relationships and communication skills.

She says of herself:

As a former activist focusing on external solutions, I am now moving into inner activism, viz., doing the inner work needed to reveal the True Identity of human beings, as powerful creators. As the poet Rumi says, we must do the work needed to clear the  blocks we have created to (being) Love. We have the inherent power to achieve truly great things and ‘move mountains’.
I believe this is the highest form of activism I can do

Charmaine’s Healing/Coaching Tools:

  • Belief Clearing and Re-Creating, . Our beliefs create our reality.  It makes sense then to overhaul our internal hard-drives and clear those beliefs that are keeping us stuck and update them with more empowering ones;
  • Astrology. I do astrology charts specialising on the  Life Purpose Astrology Chart which is an outstandingly insightful indicator of what your Soul has chosen to be and do in this lifetime; and
  • Zen Coaching which is both a personal growth path and a coaching tool. Zen Coaching embraces Non Violent Communication, Zen Buddhism, Co-Active Coaching and Body Work.
  • Emotional Healing/Healing of Memories as well as deliverance, breaking of curses, soul retrieval and other Christian-based healing which you can find details about here.
  • I am also a prayer activist knowing that ultimately the real battle is in the Spirit.

Apart from Charmaine’s own rich background in personal development, spirituality and psychology spanning some forty years, she is also an intuitive. This coupled with skills acquired during her on-going spiritual development, equipped Charmaine with the insight, intuition and skills needed to do the much-needed spiritual work of Soul-clearing, spiritual possession etc.

All of these tools work in tandem with one another and  provide a profound and efficient healing experience.

Here’s what a local Cape Town newspaper had to say about Charmaine in 2015:

‘With some 40 years of inner journeying behind her, Charmaine has a wide range of self-development technologies in her ‘toolbox’, ranging from psychology, astrology, shadow work, inner child work, self-esteem enhancement, More to Life training, EFT, deep ecology,and spirituality.’

‘Bringing threads of her background in self-growth and spirituality, Charmaine offers a rich, insightful wisdom into her work as a Coach, an Astrologer and as an activist.’

Charmaine’s authentic drive and passion to ‘Be the change’ she wants to see in the world is grounded with depth, tenacity and practicality. It finds expression in areas such like running the successful campaign in 2008 to have genetically modified foods labelled in South Africa. She is also an ardent campaigner for animal rights, sustainable economics and reclaiming people from an identity of consumer rather than creator.  Mostly however, Charmaine is passionate about supporting people into knowing who they are as God or Essence.

For all enquiries, email me.

For my Professional Background, see my Linked In Profile here.



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