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Workshops: Online Self Love


This is a six-module, easy to understand, on-line E-workshop all about self-love.

Many people think that self-love is selfish, but nothing could be further from the truth. As a result, the issue of self-love is usually very low if not totally missing from our busy agenda’s. Yet the way we love ourselves dictates the way others love us and also how we love others. Basically, self-love has everything to do with self-esteem and self-worth, and if that is shaky or low, it affects every single relationship we have, including our family, our work, church and social groups.

How This Workshop will Help You: Outcomes of the Course

Do this course if you want to experience:

  • Improved relationships with family members;
  • Improved relationships with friends, colleagues and peers;
  • More time to do things you love;
  • Less stress and overwhelm;
  • More peace, ease and flow in your life;
  • Less anxiety and tension;
  • More self-compassion which helps you to stand up for yourself in a healthy way;
  • Improved health and general well-being;

In an easy, six-module course, you will see everything in your life differently, most particularly the role that you play in your world and how you can transform that into something wonderful

A healthy self-love is the one thing that we are never taught and yet it is perhaps the most important thing we can do not only for ourselves, but for our whole family and the world we live in. People who have a healthy self love look like this:

What Does Somebody without a Healthy Self Love Look Like?

Sadly, the way that we demonstrate self-love will also be the way that our children learn to love and take care of themselves because children learn by example. If you are not a person with a healthy self-love, then you are a person with self-shame, or self-negation. This is what your life will be like:

Image result for A SELF ashamed person

Such a person might be called a Self-Ashamed being, and they:

.    Scold and criticize themselves endlessly

.    Mistreat their bodies with food, alcohol or drugs;

.    Believe that they are unlovable;

.    Create illness and pain in their lives due to neglect, shame, guilt or self-hatred;

.    Live in chaos and disorder

.    Get themselves into debt

.    Attract mates or lovers that bring then down, criticise them and are themselves unable to really love.

Any of these sound familiar?  Perhaps you have some ideas of your own to add to this list?

On the other hand, this is what someone with a healthy self-love is like:

It is taken from the fabulous book, Your Erroneous Zones, by Dr. Wayne Dyer

 The Profile of a Happy, Well-Balanced Person

1. They like life.  No matter what they do or don’t have, they are happy.

2. Complete freedom from guilt is one hallmark of healthy individuals.

3. They refuse to worry and they keep themselves free from the anxiety that accompanies worry.

4. These people live now, rather than in the past or the future.

5. These healthy people are strikingly independent.

6. They put a high premium on privacy, which may leave others feeling snubbed or rejected.   Because they enjoy their own company.

7. While they enjoy others and want to be with them, they want even more for others to make it without crutches or leaning. Thus, the moment you start leaning on these people, you’ll find them disappearing, first emotionally, and then physically as well.

8. They are able to function without approval and applause from others.

9. They can be almost blunt in their honesty since they do not couch their
message in carefully worded phrases designed to please.

10. They are not focused on problems in their emotional world.

11. Their self-worth is located within, and therefore any external concerns can be viewed objectively, rather than as in any way a threat to their value.

12. They never engage in useless fighting.

13. These are not sickly people. They treat their bodies well. They like themselves, and consequently they eat well, exercise regularly and refuse to experience most of the infirmities that render many people helpless for various periods of time.

14. Another hallmark of these individuals is honesty.

15. These people don’t blame.

16. They have no preoccupation with cleanliness or orderliness. They exist in a functional way, and if everything isn’t fitting in as they would prefer they find that all right too.   This does not mean they live like slobs, it simply means they are not overly-obsessed with externals.  They know and value and therefore place more time, energy and effort, on what is inside of them rather than what is outside of them.

17. Because of this lack of ‘organizational neurosis’ – THEY ARE CREATIVE.

18. These are people with exceptionally high energy levels.

19. Boredom is not in their lives because they are channeling the same energy that others have in ways productive for themselves.

20. They are aggressively curious. They never know enough. They search for more and want to learn each and every present moment of their lives.

21. They are truth seekers in the learning sense, always excited about learning more and never believing they area a finished product.

22. They are not afraid to fail. They do not equate being successful in any enterprise with being successful as a human being.

23. These individuals display a lack of defensiveness. They won’t play games and try to impress others.

24. They have no heroes or idols. They view all people as human, and therefore worthy of love, recognition and appreciation.

25. Most significantly, these are individuals who love themselves.  They are motivated by a desire to grow, and they always treat themselves well when given the option. They have no room for self-pity, self-rejection, or self-hate. If you ask them, “Do you like yourself?” you’ll get a
resounding, “Of course I do!” They are rare birds indeed.

The measure of their mental health is not in whether they slip but in what they do when they slip.
Do they lie there and whine about having fallen?
No, they get up, dust themselves off, and get on with the business of living.

People who are free from erroneous zones don’t chase after happiness;  they simply live – and happiness is their payoff.

(Taken from the book ‘Your Erroneous Zones’ by Dr Wayne Dyer)


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To see the course click here.


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