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Something that I love to do is offer short readings at festivals, fairs, etc. I find that it is an effective way to connect with someone and it most often forms a bridge into an intuitive astrology and/or coaching session.

A reading can be done if you have a particular issue that you are struggling with or maybe a question that you’d like an answer for, or whether you would just like a ‘hello from the Universe’.

Being an astrologer and Zen Coach, I also incorporate these tools from my toolbox. A mini-reading could also be a look at your astrology chart for example. I also do belief clearing and inner parts work.

The reading starts with you picking a pack of cards that you feel drawn to and I take it from there. I charge anywhere between R100 and R150 for a 20 minute reading.

Some of the cards that I work with include:

Ask Your Guides by [Choquette, Sonia]




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